Find the right workshop for you:

  • Build a product vision
  • Learn about Scrum roles
  • Experience sprints !
  • Design our own Kanban systeme
  • Visual your flow
  • Limit your work-in-progress
  • Test ! Deploy ! Automate !
  • Connect with your peers
  • Manage dependencies
Need help ?
  • Explain your challenges and your objectives so we can develop a strategy together.


The workshop can fit in any number of people. 

The workshop has already been played for 4 to 40 people. But to accomedate 40 people, more Minecraft faciltator is required (at least 3 more)

The facilitators are present all throught the workshop to provide full support.

In light of the current sanitary mesures, we are offering a remote workshop thank to the plateform Discord. We can also play at Minecraft4Scrum in person.

We will ask you to install the game Minecraft Java.

A video on how to play at Minecraft will be up soon on our YouTube channel. We will explain the basic controls of the game so every one can enjoy fully the workshop. 

A brief is to be expected on the goals of the workshop and the different organizational tools.

You will also have to install Discord and have an internet connexion.

This workshop can be adapted according to the number of participants so that we can determine whether it is necessary to block a full day or a half day for one facilitator.

An estimate will then be made according to your needs and expectations.

This is not a subscribtion. Together we will set a date that is convenient for your entire team.

There is several different offer : Minecraft 4 Scrum, Minecraft 4 Kanban, Minecraft 4 Agile Teal and Minecraft 4 UX design.

If you don't know which one to chose, we will remain available on our contact page, you can email us or give us a call and tell us all about your situation.

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